Join us for

29th & 30th November 2021






2 days 9:30am – 4.30pm
29th & 30th November 2021

A luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Leeds


Let me walk you through what it really is…

Once you sign up, you’re going to get an email from me saying ‘hi’ with a sneak peek of me looking like a ninja doing a happy dance cos from that moment onwards I will have your back. I’ll be in your corner.

You’ll instantly be able to relax knowing the constant churn of feeling lost and frustrated with spinning wheels is about to end. 

Next, your official invitation to the most amazing, luxurious place in the heart of Leeds will arrive.

A few days later, you’ll receive a beautiful surprise (because who doesn’t love gifts through the post?!) along with a taste of what you can expect during our time together.

You’ll arrive in Leeds feeling quite lost, disconnected from what you and your brand‘s really about and feeling like you’re floating around not really getting anywhere, just blending into the background.

But the moment you walk through the door, your shoulders will drop, your breaths will be deeper and you’ll just know you’re in the right place.

We’ll settle in over a spread of freshly baked pastries, perfectly brewed coffees and properly mashed tea… and probably swoon over the decor!

You’ll be seen, heard, listened to and understood like you never have been before. You’ll be surrounded by amazing women who’ll become some of your closest cheerleaders… who get it and get you.

We’ll laugh together, get to the point together and move forward together.

Even our lunch is renowned for being effortlessly edgy, created to stand out by a wonderful team of chefs.

By the end of day two you’ll leave with clarity of what your brand is about, how you’re different to your competition, who your real ideal clients are and how to deeply connect with them… all in a way that’s unique and aligned with YOU.

We’ll end our time in this amazing place celebrating all the opportunities that will be waiting for you with champagne.

You’ll be confident, powerful and focussed.

We even have my absolute fave photographer joining us on day two whose secret sauce is capturing your true secret sauce. You’ll get her all to yourself for a bit and have a whole range of photos that you can use to help you be even more visible!

These will be absolutely magical; your eyes will be sparkling more than usual, your shoulders will be further back and you’ll be standing taller. You’ll already have stepped into the clear, powerful you… and we’re going to capture it forever!


But it doesn’t end there…

For two weeks you’ll have direct email access to me to continue your momentum with direction, focus and exactly what you’re saying once you come to put it all in practice.

You will not be left high and dry to figure it out alone. I told you, from the moment you sign up, I’m in your corner!

Two weeks later, we’ll have a 30 minute one to one Zoom call to ensure you’re walking tall, strutting strong and feeling powerful.

Leave with…

👉🏼 Ultra clarity

👉🏼 Knowing what you’re a stand for

👉🏼 What exactly your brand is about

👉🏼 How you’re different to your competition

👉🏼 Knowing who your ideal clients truly are

👉🏼 How to deeply connect with your ideal clients

👉🏼 Exactly what to say, how to say it and where to say it – a whole brand message toolkit

👉🏼 Beautiful brand photos capturing the your true spark

👉🏼 Continued support and bespoke guidance


😁 Focus like you’ve never felt before

😁 Powerful

😁 Crazily confident

😁 Like you belong

😁 Rooted

😁 Supported

😁 Unstoppable

😁 Light

😁 Relaxed

😁 Full of opportuntiy

😁 Direction

😁 Surrounded by genuine cheerleaders

😁 Knowing that I’m in your corner




You don’t have to be the loudest in the room. You simply need to be the most powerful.

Be powerfully you.




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£333 + 2 x £333