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πŸ”₯ Clarity on what you truly wanna be known for, what you truly wanna say and why it matters

πŸ”₯ Deep understanding of the people you wanna attract and work with

πŸ”₯ A clear, powerful message that speaks powerfully to your dreamy clients and allows you to connect and engage with them… all over t’interweb and IRL

πŸ”₯ Your own toolkit to know what to say, where to say it, how to say it and why you’re saying it

πŸ”₯ Bring your brand to life with a banging content strategy that oozes you… you’ll never have felt more at flow EVER!


βœ… You wanna make sure your message is clear, powerful and unique to you

βœ… You’re ready to stop keeping yourself small and play all out you

βœ… You wanna build an audience of dreamy clients


βœ… You really wanna figure out what makes you different so you can craft your message and stand out

βœ… You’ve got amazing goals and you’re sick of faffing about

βœ… You wanna put yourself out there with confidence

βœ… You’re not working with your true dreamy clients

βœ… You don’t have a clear, powerful, consistent message

βœ… You just wanna know exactly what to say, why, how, where and do it so YOU CAN GROW

βœ… You’re tired of buying blueprint after template after miracle answer

The problem is that in such a noisy world, we often lose our true voice cos we’re having to shout to be seen and heard.

Our message takes on a different tone, or gets diluted cos it’s having to fit platforms, and keyboard warriors can quickly knock confidence.

Our edge, our uniqueness is often sanded down by over use of templates, and blueprints and methods.

β€˜Standing out’ becomes so numbingly difficult and exhausting and nothing seems to work.


When I sat next to my eldest son in his hospital bed and spoke up against ‘policy’, it meant I could look back and know I did absolutely everything possible to give him the best quality of life.

When I said no to my marriage that was 50 shades of wrong, knowing the consequences would be tough for a while, it gave me back my self-worth.

When I was in corporate being threatened with my job while my son was having cancer treatment, and said a big FU to having to juggle both, I gave my kids what they needed; all of me.

When I was laid on cold theatre floors with my youngest son as he was petrified to have the anaesthetic cos he knew when he woke up he’d be facing life changing challenges, and I spoke out about how we were going to manage that situation, he didn’t go to sleep scared, and we developed a bond like no other.

When I was building my business and unleashed my true voice and went full-Holly on the world rather than following what I thought I should be saying, that’s when I began magnetising my absolute dream clients.

Ya see, when we’re brave enough to really use our voice, to say no to all the schniz we don’t want, to truly speak up for what we do want, we sit in our own power and all kindsa magic happens.

Imagine what trajectory your life would be on if you found your true voice and banged that out confidently in the knowledge every time you did, you were getting closer to a life of absolute fulfilment. Powerful stuff, right?!

Imagine what it’d be like to get so clear about what you were saying, who you’re saying it to, what you say where… and it’s all mega true to YOU.

βœ… No more staying muffled

βœ… Ultimate confidence in everything you put out there

βœ… A clear, powerful voice making exactly the impact you wanted to make

βœ… Working with people who light you up

βœ… Content creation becomes easy cos you are so fired up you end up with tonnes of really valuable stuff to put out there

βœ… That traction you’ve not been able to put your finger on, suddenly takes off

Clear, true voices are powerful voices… are you ready?


A grab-n-go kit of messages… your core message, your story, your brand statement, your tagline, your bio for each platform… and more!

A very clear brand personality that’s 100% true to you and will set you apart from the rest.

A 90 day plan of content designed to connect to and engage with your dreamy clients… on the platform(s) right for YOU.

Know exactly where you sit in the market, and know exactly what makes you different so you can carve out your own place.

Understand your dream clients so well that your brand is built around them – cos that’s how the success brands are successful!

Clarity on exactly what it is that you truly, truly wanna say – even if you can’t put your finger on that yet.


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