Making sure coaches and experts have a clear, powerful brand that’s 100% true to them so they can book more ideal clients and grow their business.

Well spank my ass and call me Betty… what do I do and who do I help?

I’m a personal brand strategy powerhouse

I believe in living life in full colour; embracing and celebrating the absolute joy that is the real you.

Making sure coaches and experts have a clear, powerful brand so they can stop fucking about, book more ideal clients and grow their business.

The #1 struggle personal brands have in growing their business is all the

online noise.

Not clear on who your target audience is

Saying what you think you should say rather than what you want to say

Missing a clear core message

No idea what makes you different to everyone else

Talking to everyone about everything

Comparisonitis kicks in cos you’re comparing yourself to others

The UNLEASHED Method™ will help you define a clear, powerful brand so you can carve your own place in the market, stop all the fucking about, book more ideal clients and really grow your business… with more confidence than Kanye!

The unleashed


I don’t believe in doing things just for the sake of ‘doing things’… I also don’t believe in doing things that don’t bring us joy.

I believe in doing things because a) they get a result that takes us closer to the end goal, and b) make us feel great.

And that’s the philosophy The Unleashed Method™ oozes from every pore.

This proven success path is chunked into 6 mega-intentional steps to make sure every last drop of ‘you-juice’ (that sounds weird but I’ma keeping it in!) is squeezed…

This process will help you get clear on what you’re being a stand for, what your message is, who your target audience truly are, what makes you different to all the rest and how to put all that into valuable content so you can grow your business and feel absolutely amazing.

We DO the shit that GETS the shit to MAKE. YOU. THE. SHIT… no more fucking about!


(Not all the people, but…)

Having a clear, powerful brand message that your ideal clients just couldn’t say no to.

Showing up as you and people absolutely loving you for it.

Growing an audience full of people who need precisely what you sell… from YOU.

Knowing exactly who your target audience is and how to talk to them so they pick up what you’re putting down.

Standing in ultimate confidence knowing what makes you different to the other gajillion people doing what you do!

Growing your business in a way that’s true, simple and feels great… with zero ick in sight!

So, how you wanna to do it?


The clarity you need to become unstuck and move forward.

In this intesive 90 minute session, we’re going to use every tool in the box to make sure you leave with clarity around the biggest problem you’re having right now.

Just me and you on Zoom.


One day to unleash exactly what you’re truly about, what you’ve got to say and be clear and confident about why your ideal clients will choose you above anyone else.

You’ll leave with clarity, power and a toolkit of messaging that’s 100% true to you so you can book more ideal clients and grow your business with joy.


Wanna flap your wings around for another 12 months or do you wanna get this shit sorted in 48 little hours?

Just me and you.

Imagine how it would feel to be able to implement this immediately… enjoying the impact within a week.

Think about all the time you’ll save creating content… but know the time you have spent hasn’t been wasted.

🤷🏻‍♀️ What if you were booking high ticket dream clients in a month, or had a wait list within 3 months?

🚨 I only run the YOU: ACCELERATED experiences *6 times a year*, contact me now to get grab your spot 🚨

(Easy payment plans are available if you need it too – cos I get it… they really help sometimes)

🔥 So what’s it gonna be? Another 12 months of flapping, or shall we spend a coupla days together and get this sorted once and for all?

I believe using ‘doing the real us’ is the difference between living a full life and wasting a half-assed life riddled of regret. By getting clear about what we believe and what we really want, we get to bring our best game to ourselves and a ripple effect on the world.

My mission is to inspire and empower coaches and experts to connect to exactly what they’re about so they can use a clear, powerful voice, build a thriving business surrounded by what lights them up, do some good and create more happiness in the world.

The problem is that in such a noisy world, coaches often lose themselves cos they’re having to shout to be seen and heard. Their message takes on a different tone and gets diluted. Their edge, their uniqueness is sanded down by over use of templates, and blueprints and methods. ‘Standing out’ becomes difficult and exhausting and nothing seems to work.

Which is why I spawned The Unleashed Method™ as my fourth kid.

TUM™ is designed to build a personal brand that carves out your marketplace where you have a strong, powerful voice, which allows you to make the impact you wanna make and enjoy a growing business doing what you truly love.

The amazing people I work with are able to connect to what they truly stand for, get clear on what they want to say, where to say it, how to say it, the confidence to say it and connect with the people they truly wanna work with. They use their true voice to create a fulfilled life.